Fuel Filter | John's Automotive CareChevrolet Cruze by ChevroletCruze, used under CC BY 2.0

Your vehicle relies on filters more than most people think. There’s always stuff in the air and fluids that you do not want to get into specific areas of your vehicle, and that is where filters help, especially your fuel filter. Old fluids leave behind small amounts of residue, add to that little bits of dust, dirt, metal, and more that can all clog up your pipes or enter your engine. Properly working fuel filters prevent that garbage from doing you or your vehicle harm, but only if it is clean and unclogged. Regular service or replacement is needed for your fuel filter, and easily done by the trained ASE Certified professionals here at John’s Automotive Care. We know the importance of clean fuel, and with years of experience we work hard to keep your vehicle healthy and you safe. Call us, stop by, or schedule an appointment online today.