Tire Rotation | John's Automotive CareChevrolet Cruze by ChevroletCruze, used under CC BY 2.0

In addition to your tire pressure, you should always keep in mind the wear and tear on your tires. Due to your driving style, the roads you drive over, and how your tires were installed, your tires wear out differently than others, so getting a tire rotation is highly recommended. Moving your tires around and evening the amount of wear each one has is very helpful. Better grip on the road leads to increased performance, better gas efficiency, and improved handling. You also extend the lifetime of your tires so you can go longer without having to get a new set. Why not save time and money? Especially when done by the ASE Certified professionals here at John’s Automotive Care. With years of experience and state of the art equipment, we work hard to ensure your vehicle is stronger than ever before. Call us, stop by, or schedule an appointment online today.