Oil Change | John's Automotive CareChevrolet Cruze by ChevroletCruze, used under CC BY 2.0

Even people who do not own vehicles have probably heard about an oil change service because of how useful and popular it is. An oil change is one of the most common services around, but also incredibly helpful. Old oil fluid starts to degrade over time, losing efficiency and can gather little bits of residue. Seeing as your oil is designed to lubricate many important moving parts, any added garbage means those parts experience more wear and tear than they should. Getting an oil change regularly will prevent that damage from happening by flushing out the old fluids and replacing it with fresh, new oil. You keep your vehicle healthy and running stronger than before while also saving time and money, especially when done here at John’s Automotive Care. Our ASE Certified technicians have years of experience working on all kinds of vehicles, and we know how helpful an oil change is. Don’t cause costly damage by ignoring such an important service, get your oil changed today when you call us, stop by, or schedule an appointment online now.