Wheel Balancing | John's Automotive CareChevrolet Cruze by ChevroletCruze, used under CC BY 2.0

As vehicles are becoming lighter and lighter by the year, wheel balancing becomes even more important. Unbalanced wheels are very common in vehicles, especially if you drive over rough terrain or uneven roads often. Feeling vibrations while you are driving is annoying to deal with, but it is a sign you should get your wheels checked out, especially by the trained ASE Certified professionals here at John’s Automotive Care. We know how important it is to get wheel balancing done right. Uneven wheels lead to decreased performance, less gas efficiency, worse handling, and wears down your tires faster. Given the cost of a full set of tires, ensuring they last as long as possible is invaluable. Get proper wheel balancing done here at John’s Automotive Care. Call us, stop by, or schedule an appointment online today.