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Independence Day

This summer is going by so quickly! In Michigan the 4 th of July can be cold, hot, rainy, sunny or any other combination. Being a Michigander requires the ability to carry copious amounts of clothing in our vehicle so we can change when the weather does. It’s a day spent eating burgers, hot dogs, and brats—running around with sparklers and possibly even attending a parade. The day is wrapped up with the explosion of color and light in the sky, followed by ooh’s and aah’s. Going to a parade on 4 th of July is interesting because you usually see classic cars, fire trucks, the local politicians throwing candy, Boy Scouts, people on horseback, etc. I remember sitting at the Dorr 4 th of July parade every year and trying to keep three little kids from jumping in front of the beautiful classic cars for a tootsie roll that was just out of their reach. Watching the excitement on their faces as the fire trucks and police vehicles rolled past. Americans have a deep love for their vehicles. Whether it is the vehicle that gets you to work and your children to their activities every day or the classic vehicle that sits in the garage and is taken out for a road trip several times a year and maintained in pristine condition. It may be the 4x4 truck that you have invested a lot of time and money in— modifying it into your dream vehicle. It may be your imported vehicle that you’ve had tuned and well cared for that makes you smile every time you turn the key. Americans history can be observed through the vehicles and forms of transportation that have been a part of our lives. It also shows the evolution of our country. Wagon trains traveling west were driven by a different type of horsepower. Train tracks being laid to transport goods and people. Trucks lightening the load for farmers. Vehicles have changed the way we live and work and as technology advances, they will continue to do so. Whatever you are doing for Independence Day, take a moment to appreciate this great country we live in, the people that have fought and died for our freedom and the fact that we can celebrate how we choose to that day. Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Arie Nol Auto Center!

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