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Finding Your Place

Have you ever gone to another hair salon or stylist to get your hair cut? Not your usual stylist. Maybe you heard about a new stylist, and you weren’t unhappy with the current person keeping your ‘do looking good, but you thought, “Maybe this new person will create this incredible new look?” I’ve heard it called a hair affair. Most woman have done this at least once. I know I have. I don’t know that I expect anything magical to happen but it’s fun to see what someone different has to offer. I have the same hair I’ve always had, maybe not quite the color I was born with or the color it has changed to, but still the same hair. Remember Jennifer Aniston and her ‘Friends’ hairstyle, the Rachel? Everyone wanted that look. I knew there was not a stylist on the planet who could coax that look from my hair but, maybe? The thing is, if you go back to your original stylist, she knows you went somewhere else. I asked Paula, the boss of my hair, a while ago how she felt about it if that happened to her and someone came back. She said she was fine with it. And that yes, she’d know you had someone else do your hair. But she understands that sometimes we need to try out something different. The same thing happens in automotive. You love where you’re going for repairs and maintenance. Or, maybe you don’t. Someone tells you about a place they really like and you think, “Maybe I should give that place a try?” You try the new place and maybe you like it better than your previous repair facility. Maybe you don’t. Maybe it confirms what you liked about your previous shop. I think that Grand Rapids is blessed with many quality facilities. It’s really a matter of finding a place you feel comfortable. If you do try another shop and return to your previous one, there’s no judgment. Chances are, they’ll be glad that you liked them enough to come back and they’ll just pretend not to see any new parts on your vehicle that they know they didn’t install.

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