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Kevin's Car

Kevin, our go-to I.T. person is also a customer. He called because he was having immediate car issues. A while ago, I was having immediate I.T. issues and called Kevin. He had his young son Paul with him but came to the shop to fix the problem. I gladly entertained Paul while Kevin worked to diagnose and fix our computer issue. Kevin’s vehicle was towed in to be diagnosed and repaired. Paul, in the meantime, was worried about his Dad’s car. Kevin told him it was at Miss Debbie’s shop to be looked at. Kevin later told me that Paul said, “Miss Debbie will fix your car.” He had every confidence the vehicle was in good hands with Miss Debbie. While I love the fact that Paul believes I have the ability to fix cars, I do not. We are lucky to have a gifted and well-trained staff. They are the ones that diagnose, repair and maintain all of our customer’s vehicles. I work on the business and customer service side and understand a lot about automotive repairs but I’m not a technician… all. Recently, I had the opportunity to join the Car Care Council Women’s Board and attend a conference in July. I was thrilled to see how many women are choosing careers in the automotive world. I ended up working in automotive because I married a car guy and eventually went into business with him. Many women have a real love for the automotive world in its many different forms. The time I spent speaking with woman in sales, marketing, engineering, repair, etc was interesting. There are more women running their own shops and also women going into training programs to become automotive technicians. It was great to see that this is a viable career option for those women that want to use those gifts and talents. Kevin’s car was diagnosed with a fatal timing chain break. Miss Debbie was not able to fix the car and it had to go to its final resting place. Thankfully my repair skills were not called into action this time!

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