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Northern Drivers

Jeff and I just returned from the south. We drove my dad’s car to Florida and had the distinct pleasure of driving through the aftermath of Storm Helena. I still haven't decided if it was our most intelligent move but, I'll leave that thought alone. I learned several things on this trip. Firstly, windshield wipers, batteries and tires. I've blogged often about these things but the truth is, they really, really mattered on this trip. Secondly, Michigan snowplowers have amazing, incredible road clearing capabilities. Hats off to the plow drivers that keep our roads cleaned. I've always been thankful but have hit a new level of appreciation. I also will (probably) never laugh at a southern storm meme again. They don't have the equipment or driving skills. That's why they live in those states. They don't usually need them. Most of the people wisely stayed off the roads as they were told too. It was us, semitruck drivers, and some diehard Clemson fans with their flags waving because, well, football. There were some local drivers but we usually watched them slide off into the ditch shortly after getting on the highway. It was 10 degrees when we left Michigan and 47 degrees when we hit Savannah, GA. Even our waitress at Cracker Barrel had a polar fleece jacket on because she was so cold. We had on sweaters because we are from Michigan and it's what we do. One woman at Cracker Barrel did compliment me on my leopard print boots but she may also have been questioning our sanity. The moral of the story is maintenance. When you have slush hitting your windshield and the roads are snow covered, it really is too late to wish you had good tires, new windshield wipers and plenty of washer fluid in your reservoir. The other moral of the story is that sometimes a decision preceded by the words, “Well, the sun is shining in a Florida so it's probably worth the drive!” May not always be your wisest choice.

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