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Reasons to service your vehicle's AC unit

Every component in a vehicle needs regular maintenance to extend its lifecycle. And one particular system that you certainly want to maintain is your vehicle's A/C system. Given the warm climate of California that we live in and call home, your air conditioning unit is one of the most crucial to keep you cool and calm all year. John's Automotive Care is your best choice for auto cooling system repair in La Mesa. Our ASE Certified auto mechanics are either ASE Master-Certified with extensive experience repairing auto cooling systems in all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. Who wants to leave their truck feeling sweaty and stuffy? No one! If there is an issue with your auto cooling system, our auto mechanics will identify and solve the problem.

Additionally, most auto repair is backed by a 36,000-mile/36-month warranty. 

What happens if you neglect to service your A/C system? This is what we'll be covering in this article. Are you ready? Let's get started.


Your engine produces a lot of heat, and the cooling system's job is to keep this heat in check. This system will remove excess heat from your engine so your car continues to operate at the right temperature. Your auto cooling system has many parts, including hoses, radiators, and coolants. It is imperative to have a team of qualified auto mechanics inspect your auto cooling system to ensure these parts are in good working order from time to time.


Why do I need to service my air conditioning?

You can perform a series of inspections on your car's A/C yourself.

  • Start your car, and turn the air conditioning on high when the engine is warm (check the engine's temperature gauge). Carefully listen and check whether any unusual noises are coming from the AC system. If you hear knocking sounds or sounds of something blocking the air canal, it indicates your air conditioning needs service.

  • The second thing you need to check is whether the air pressure is in sync with the level of AC. Is the air coming out of the AC too cold? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then your AC requires professional service.

  • Another indicator is the smell. This is very straightforward. Is there an odd smell coming out of the vents? If yes, there is a possible leak in the air conditioning system. There can be a build-up of mold, fungi, bacteria, or other things you won't love to hear about. 

  • The final inspection which you can perform is the compressor. A properly working one will make a clicking sound (which means the compressor is engaging and disengaging). If there are any other sounds, the compressor is probably at fault.


How often should a car's AC get service?

Whenever you get your car serviced, be sure to have the Air Conditioning inspected. If there is any issue with the air conditioning unit, you will need to have it serviced. On average, you should inspect your auto A/C each year. Fortunately, the John's Automotive Care team is up for the job. We will thoroughly check your auto cooling system for any symptoms of malfunction. If we encounter an issue, we will discuss the best course of action based on your budget, driving habits, and safety. By performing proper auto repair for your auto cooling system, we proudly play a part in keeping you safe on the road in La Mesa.


What happens when you don't service your car's AC? 

If your A/C is not as effective as it used to be, and you are concerned about driving around in the hot summer months ahead, it's a good idea to get it in as soon as possible. Several harmful consequences will follow when you wait to service your AC system. First, the cooling power will be lost, and the system will start to sustain severe damage. These damages will result in higher costs for repairing or replacing some potentially expensive parts. Your compressor could overheat or even burn out, thus needing to replace the whole system.


John's Automotive Care is here to help when your vehicle needs auto cooling system repair. While our auto mechanics service your vehicle, you can sit back and relax, knowing your car is in capable hands. We go above and beyond for you, offering your pup a biscuit, providing you with a thorough, detailed vehicle inspection, or walking you to your car after its service. To schedule an appointment for your auto cooling system, call us. We are located at 7447 University Ave, La Mesa, CA, 91942.

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