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So I Like Volvos...

My past four vehicles have been Volvo wagons. I don't even have children in soccer anymore, so the Volvo-driving-soccer-mom doesn't apply. When someone asks me what my favorite make of vehicle is, I don’t even have to think about it. Here's why: safety, comfort, outstanding engine-acceleration, and organization. If I ever met a Volvo engineer, I might act like a NASCAR fan meeting Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jeff is hoping that never happens. Safety first They're not flashy vehicles but they've been known for their safety innovations since they began. I had smaller children when I had my first Volvo and I liked the fact that they were a little bit safer in my car in case of an accident. Plus they have the option of built-in booster seats. Comfort Not everyone is comfortable in a Volvo but the front seats fit a wide variety of heights, so it’s perfect for me. However, my sons are both six-feet plus and they impart their opinion of the leg room into my back seat, often. I'd avoid this scenario. Good acceleration I'm an accelerator. Not a speeder. I do look both ways when the light changes, and if it's clear, I reach the speed limit quickly afterward. I also like to merge onto the highway at the appropriate speed. Not slowly so that people have to slow down as I move into the lane. I feel it's the polite thing to do. My daughter had an older VW Jetta wagon that I had to drive for a couple of days. After merging onto the highway with it, I told Jeff the car had an acceleration problem. He said the car wasn't the problem. There are several different Volvo engines and they all provide the needed pickup. Some more than others. Easy to organize I love organization. It just makes me happy. My current Volvo wagon has an area in the trunk that has built-in spaces for small items. I have emergency items in it. The interior is also set up for keeping things from floating around the interior of the car which I appreciate. There are so many choices out there now for cars. What's your favorite and why?

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