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Sometimes, It’s the Little Things

Customers call when their brakes are making noise, their muffler gets loud or their vehicle isn’t starting. These are all part of car ownership. They also never happen at an opportune time. These are things that need to be taken care of either right away or soon. It’s the little things that get don’t really have to be taken care of immediately or, they may even be something you aren’t aware of that’s not operating. I remember getting pulled over as a teenager for a headlight that was out on my Honda Civic. There were no dashboard indicator lights to let me know this was an issue. Now, my car would tell me a bulb was out but not which bulb. A customer came in several days ago and we were chatting while Jeff checked her vehicle. She lives alone and had a light out indicator on her dashboard. She couldn’t identify which bulb was out. Jeff found it was a brake light bulb. It can be a two-person job to check the brake lights as the brake pedal has to be depressed while someone stands behind the car to see which bulbs illuminate. Many technicians have a work around to check brake lights but, it’s a trade secret. If you don’t have anyone conveniently around when you want to check your brake light, it becomes a pain. While the customer and I were chatting, she said that the little stuff that goes wrong isn’t always a safety or running issue but just annoying. I agreed. Sometimes it’s your windshield wiper blades or your windshield washer fluid that needs to be checked. If the battery in your key fob goes out, we’re all capable of manually unlocking our doors but we just aren’t accustomed to doing that. For these little things in life, stop by. Chances are we can take care of it right away and you can be on your way.

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